Blessed indeed are those whose purpose in life inspires others to pursue theirs.

Blessed indeed are those whose purpose in life inspires others to pursue theirs.
“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

Monday, December 10, 2012

Poems From The Heart

This blog contains a collection of some of the poems I have written over the past more than thirty years.  I have written others too but have lost them over the years.  This collection will give you a glimpse of what my life has been and what it is: The earlier poems speak of the joys and the pain, the heartbreaks and the heartaches, contemplations on nature, the world, romance, life and meaning, the brief moments of fun, the frustrations, the shattered dreams and the dare to still dream that were all part of growing up for me as I moved from being a child who was almost deprived of childhood into adulthood with no clear idea of where I was headed.  The later poems speak of how God took the broken pieces of my life and turned them into something beautiful.  I have called this collection “Poetry From The Heart” because everyone of these poems came straight from the heart.
Eric Anthony Trott

The Answer To Life’s Questions

Wherefrom did all that is called me
Come to exist as I am known?
And how can I know for a certainty
Who caused to happen what life has shown?

Beyond the routine and monotony,
What gives the urge to still press on?
And despite all strife and drudgery,
The hope that night will precede dawn?

Who made laughter life’s soothing balm,
And love that heals the deepest hurt?
Who causes the storm? Who sends the calm?
Who separates beauty from the dirt?

Whither withal with all I own,
Will I go from here when life is done?
Nay. Leaving all behind I’ll go alone
When life’s last battle has been won.

My finite mind cannot comprehend
The truth of all that surrounds me:
Nor dare I claim to apprehend
The extent of eternity

But know I this beyond every doubt
That every question that occurred to man,
Will find its answer not without
The knowledge of God’s Divine Plan.

Eric Anthony Trott

9th November 2012

Life as It Seems

As I look back at how life has been,
The ups and downs and the in-between;
The hardest times are harder to leave behind
They somehow get imprinted on the mind.

But then as I look at the lives of others,
And I see the pain of my sisters and brothers;
My own suffering is suddenly so small;
It is not even worth mentioning at all.

Yes, life it seems is not what it seems;
For it could appear rosy while falling apart at the seams.
Though things look good from afar,
Up closer you will find how different they are.

I know well there's a reality hereafter;
Where all sorrow will be turned to laughter:
Where Christ has prepared a place for me,
And I'll be there with Him for eternity.

But here I ought to look a lot deeper,
For I am indeed my brother's keeper:
The Book of Books says love everyone;
And I'll be accountable after all is said and done.

Eric Anthony Trott


From Struggle to Victory

Between the shame of all the deeds I've done,
And the shameless pursuit of sin;
Between the Law away from which I run,
And the licentiousness that I fall in:

Between the striving that is all in vain
Social demands to satisfy,
And running after selfish gain
My flesh to gratify.

O the war between pressure to perform
And the permission to please myself;
Who can deliver me my wretched state from?
For I am helpless by myself.

But true victory find I in moving on
From sin to justification,
By humble contrite confession
That allows sanctification.

No, upon myself I do not depend,
But upon Jesus' cleansing Blood:
Yes, I know my case He will defend,
And empower with the Spirit's flood.

Eric Anthony Trott

11th February 2012

This is a poem that came together in my head in the middle of the night as I lay awake thinking of how the devil can keep us busy between legalism on the one hand and licentiousness on the other or pleasing others on the one hand and pleasing ourselves on the other so that we completely miss the point of God's Grace.

Choices We Make

Sometimes in life, you have many choices only till you have chosen one.
Your choice could result in what you have lost or in what you have won.
Some choices may lead to loss and some to gain,
Some to happiness and others to much pain.

The outcome of some choices could be good and some bad,
Some could make you happy but some could leave you sad.
Some choices could lead to darkness and others lead to light:
Some could lead to blindness while others give you sight.

Some choices can build you up while some could break you down;
Some could make someone smile and others make them frown.
Some choices lead to blessing while others bring a curse;
Some make things better some make them worse.

Some choices lead to life and others lead to death;
And what we sow is what we reap is what we often forget.
So how do you choose when faced with many choices?
Do you listen to God's still small voice or to a host of confusing voices?

Eric Anthony Trott


Optimistic Defiance

If you think I could  be disheartened, then think again,
‘Cause I’ve had happiness and I know what is pain.
If you think I could be belittled, then think once more,
‘Cause people like you have criticized me before.

If you try to discourage me, you’re trying in vain,
‘Cause I’ve seen the sunshine and I’ve also felt the rain.
If you think you can crush me, you won’t succeed,
‘Cause as long as I’m right, I’m strong indeed.

No great oppression shall drive me insane,
‘Cause I’m used to being hurt and I won’t complain.
I wonder if you’d survive if you were I;
Well, if I were you I would at least try.

Eric Anthony Trott

9th July 1994

Love Versus Hate

Love begets love;
Hate begets hate:
And happiness and sorrow
Are no products of fate.

For if I love, I spread joy;
If I hate, I spread pain:
And I may be here just once
And never again.

Love can kill hate;
But hate too can kill love:
And to do or undo,
It is here and now.

So if I love to love,
Then I shall hate to hate;
And today I decide,
For tomorrow’s too late.

Eric Anthony Trott

21st November 1993

Two Lions

Two lions once set up a partnership
And decided to run a show
Where of their mighty leadership,
Just everyone might know.

So they gave each other a few mighty tips
On how each one ought to roar
And without any major slips
They both began to soar.

But one was boss and big and mighty;
Too mighty for his mane;
While the other  had all the responsibility
And bore with all the strain.

But together they made the finest team
That the jungle ever had:
And odd as the combination did seem
It made everybody glad.

Eric Anthony Trott

27th July 1991


Lose not opportunities, lest they lose you;
Value good opportunities, it’s a wise thing to do.
They seldom are many; at times there aren’t any:
In an average life there may be few.

Evade not opportunities, lest they evade you:
Seek after opportunities and they’ll seek you too.
This life isn’t long and its hardly as strong:
In time you will find this is true.

Seek not opportunities and they may not come your way;
Desire not opportunities and where you are you’ll stay:
But bare you in mind, if you seek you will find;
And you might find one maybe today.

Cast away opportunities and you’ve cast away gold;
Sell your opportunities and your life is sold:
For they aren’t grown on trees; they’re to be grasped if you please:
They are there for those who are bold.

Eric Anthony Trott

25th January 1985

You and I

You are like the bright blue sky,
And I the rugged earth;
You’re beautiful and O, so high,
While I’m of little worth.

When the two of us together stand,
The whole world’s just as gone:
And when beautiful sky meets rugged land
A horizon is born.

The horizon is a beautiful thing;
Your heart it can beseech:
And all of its beauty is a song to sing:
Alas! Its out of reach.

Now you are like a sunny day,
While I’m a dark cold night;
My soul is all so sad and grey,
While yours does shine so bright.

When day meets night, they beget dawn,
The best time of the day:
So you met me and all sorrow’s gone;
Alas! Had you come to stay.

When night meets day, its evening time,
Which saddens those alone:
Since I met you, a heartache’s mine,
‘Cause you’ll never be my own.

Eric Anthony Trott


Love and Friendship

As merry as a bird was I,
Enjoying youth’s freedom:
At peace with all the world was I;
And reaching for wisdom.

The path of life alone trod I,
Content with solitude,
Until the moment you came by
And changed my attitude.

You crossed my path. I glanced at you,
And in your ways found charm;
And thought I that befriending you
Could never do me harm:

Befriending you no task found I,
For you spoke first with me;
And great friends grew we by and by;
Alas! Had it so to be!

But something in you attracted me;
I know not, but somehow
I wished mine own you’d someday be
And friendship changed to love.

But if you were just a friend to me,
Behaved you more than one;
For ‘tween love and friendship when you define,
Together they cannot run.

And if I to you were just a friend,
Why treat me more than so?
If not what caused your love to end?
How did your new love grow?

What was your reason, game or cause,
That I may never know:
But the free and cheerful youth I was,
I won’t be anymore.

Eric Anthony Trott


Her Eyes

Friends if ever ye be perchance,
A reckless youth seeking romance,
Or seeking merely a maiden’s glance,
Or preparing to take with life a chance;
                Then take ye my advice.

Do all that for ye may pleasing be;
Dare all that ye may as a challenge see,
And look on all that ever entices thee;
But eat not the fruit of the forbidden tree,
                And beware of a damsel’s eyes.

Into her eyes, if look ye ever,
What see ye there, will forget ye never;
And as a victim of a raging fever,
Thy mind from all reason will sever.
                Those eyes can mesmerize.

Ye will leave thy father and mother,
Home, kinfolk, sister and brother;
Of all the world ye will not bother,
And that besides her ye have no other,
                Too late ye will realize.

If remains she, by ye faithful,
To thy fate ye shall be grateful;
But if finds she one more youthful,
She will leave thee broken and sorrowful:
                Those eyes are a dangerous prize.

If fallen, thou must quickly awaken,
For too great is the risk to be taken,
And too painful is a heart that’s broken,
And too precious are the things forsaken
                For a pair of beautiful eyes.

Eric Anthony Trott


My Life

My life is a dream in which I see
A world that’s filled with fantasies:
A dream of bliss and tragedy;
Of sorrows, joys and ecstasies.

This dream’s a dream in which I flee,
To some unknown land in desperate haste:
A land that’s full of mystery;
A land whose fruits I long to taste.

My journey’s endless and awfully hard;
My feet are sore and head does ache:
From turning back I am debarred;
For should I, then my life’s at stake.

On this lonely road a soul I meet,
And am glad for warmth and company:
A traveler as I, with weary feet,
In whom I hope for sympathy.

But as night does fall, we reach a fork;
A point at which we have to part:
I’m alone again as an owl does mock
My wretched state and fearful heart.

This departing soul, my eyes I strain
To watch its vision fast fade away;
Now with outstretched arms I cry in vain;
And from this horrid dream to awake I pray.

Eric Anthony Trott

November 1983

Nature – A Personification

I see her in the morning,
As I look out of my window:
She is there in the garden,
And among the far willow.

I see her all day,
As about town I travel;
While returning home
And walking up the gravel.

She is sometimes a mother,
Yet sometimes a virgin;
She is sometimes so vivid,
Yet sometimes a vision.

She is there in the sunrise,
In the sunset; on the seas:
She is there in the mountains,
In the flowers, breeze and trees.

She is there in all creatures;
In all that’s alive:
She is there in the rocks
That don’t live but survive.

Its not just perceiving
That does cause me to ponder;
But I’ve felt her and heard her
And there’s no greater wonder.

There is something about her
That is definitely unclear:
For she’s sometimes so dreaded,
Yet mostly so dear.

She punishes severely
All those who may blunder;
But loves and protects
All who obey her.

Her love is selfless
And her gifts are many;
But the ones who are grateful
Are few – if any.

Everyone sees her;
Yet seeing most see not:
For to appreciate beauty
Is what man forgot.

Eric Anthony Trott

November 10th 1982

The Hippopotamus

The Hippo is an animal
Who’s as plump as plump can be;
And there’s really quite a little use
Of him as you can see.

He has a body so huge and stout
Which makes him very slow,
And when he tries to move about
He wobbles to and fro.

The Hippo has a mouth too large,
Of which there is no doubt,
Through which if you had the strength
You could turn him inside out.

He has four little stumps for legs,
Of which I don’t know much;
Except that if he had one less
He would have to use a crutch.

His skin is thick but rather smooth,
With little spots of red;
And this some say is the sweat he sweats
While others might say he bled.

The Hippo sometimes gets quite wild
And acts a little crazy;
But at other times he’s the most placid beast
And one who is simply lazy.

Now the Hippo is so lazy that
He sleeps his time away,
And anyone can tell you that
The Hippo cannot play.

But he can really swim you know,
And that is something great:
But I think its just the air in him
That reduces his weight.

Now about the Hippopotamus
I’ve told you a thing or two:
But if you want to know some more
You could visit him at the zoo.

Eric Anthony Trott


Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Boston Tea Party

It was in the month of December,
Seventeen hundred and seventy-three,
That a most interesting incident
Took place in Boston’s history:

The British Parliament had passed a law,
Compelling every colony
To buy all required tea leaves from
The British East India Company.

To protect the interests of this company
By the British government this law was made,
And they granted the ambitious establishment
A monopoly of the tea trade.

The representatives of Massachusetts
Were the first of those in earnest,
Under the leadership of Samuel Adams
Against this law to protest.

The plan of struggle was circulated
In every freedom-loving organization:
This was a step in the direction of
Forging the unity of the Nation.

Now ships from Britain with her royal flags
And a great many tons of cargo,
Consisting but of English tea
Were anchored at Boston’s harbor:

A group of colonists disguised
As Indians bound to shatter,
Made a daring raid on all the ships
And threw their cargo into the water.

Assembled on the harbor were
Men, women, children; young and old:
All with enthusiasm great,
This amusing scene to behold.

This great event was at the dawn
Of the war of independence;
And it was planned and carried out
By freedom’s loyal defendants.

A deed so unique, its only right
That recorded it ought to be;
And so from thence it is referred to as
The Boston Tea Party.

Eric Anthony Trott

28th June, 1981

The Creation

God made the earth, the sun and the stars;
He made planets like Venus and Mars.
At first the Earth was all empty and bare,
But then God started by giving it air.

He then made trees and shrubs to grow,
And water in streams to gently flow.
God made great mountains all covered with snow,
And deep green valleys down below.

God made creatures on the Earth to crawl,
And birds to fly and never to fall.
Then God made a woman and a man,
And from thence our human race began:

Their names were Adam and Eve,
And in the devil, did they believe:
They ate the fruit of the forbidden tree,
And from then has temptation come to be.

So little children when their lives begin
Must try never to fall in sin;
And if they seldom fall in sin,
They shall live forever in heaven.

Eric Anthony Trott

This poem was originally written in the 1970s