Blessed indeed are those whose purpose in life inspires others to pursue theirs.

Blessed indeed are those whose purpose in life inspires others to pursue theirs.
“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

Monday, November 26, 2018

I Wonder!

This world's a book of billions of stories,
Many of which may never be read:
Of all the pain, and all the glories,
And all that ever was done and said.

So amazing the tales of every kind!
I wonder what the author had in mind!

An anthology of lines in endless poetry,
Of awesome depth and flawless rhyme,
That have been penned through all of history,
And will be written till the end of time.

Such wondrous verse so subtly defined!
I wonder what the poet had in mind!

A magna opera of masterpiece creation,
So prodigious and beyond compare;
How awesome is the revelation
To the seeker who sees it everywhere!

Is everywhere so hard to find?
I wonder what the artist had in mind!

The designer's wisdom in the work displayed;
The percipience and the artistry:
Such amazing beauty, so well arrayed;
How astounding is this mystery!

Past, present and future, eternally divined:
I wonder what the creator had in mind!

Eric A Trott

22nd July 2018

An Ode to My Teachers

Why did I have to learn them all,
Those things beyond my ken?
And looking back I now recall
How this baffled me back then.

But reminiscing those wonder years
I’m now grateful to my teachers,
And I think of them with thankful tears
Recalling their benevolent features.

How they sedulously persevered,
Imparting every precept!
How they arduously endeavoured
To explain every concept!

Though there were times they did seem cruel
And at times a bit arbitrary,
That was usually when I broke a rule
And disciplining was necessary.

Yes, how they tirelessly laboured hard
To shape my tender mind!
As far ahead they looked toward
The future that I would find!

Their labour of love did prepare
My heart, mind, hands and feet
To stand my own and even dare
To face life’s bittersweet.

So, with a grateful heart do I salute
My teachers for their devotion,
And I write these lines as a tribute
To my teachers with heartfelt admiration.

Eric A Trott
6th July 2018

Monday, October 15, 2018

A Genuine Need for Justice.

The words that remained unsaid
For the want of a listening ear,
And the thoughts within her head
Of memories of inexplicable fear.

Oh, the pain of a heart that's broken
And the guilt of a tormented soul:
As each callous word ill spoken
Does continue to take its toll.

And as she invents ways to conceal
The anguish that’s deep within,
Her exertions do only reveal
The scars from her tormentor’s sin.

How long can she carry a burden
That never was hers to bear?
Must she remain guilt-ridden
While her offender doesn’t care?

If she comes out and tells her story
Would they take her at her word?
Would justice win her victory
When her voice is finally heard?

What causes her trepidation
About speaking out aloud?
Is it not the intimidation
From a hostile, cynical crowd?

Friends, fathers, sons and brothers,
We cannot look the other way
As our sisters, daughters and mothers
To baseness would fall prey.

We just cannot remain callous
In the wake of gross injustice,
Nor must our apathy suppress
A genuine need for justice.

Eric A Trott

15th October 2018

Copyright © 2018 by Eric A Trott.